Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Small Town News - Bluebird Box Trail & Updates

Land Trust Builds Bluebird Box Trail

Our town’s Land Trust is putting together an Eastern Bluebird box trail. The state has donated the wood for construction of nesting boxes. Twenty boxes have been built by our local Girl Scout Troop and more are planned. Land Trust members are assembling the posts and predator guards with materials they have donated, and installing them at proper locations around town. The one pictured is in our local cemetery.

Enlarge photo if you can't see it

Eleven have been installed so far. The next step is to begin a project where towns’ people, including children can adopt a box to monitor and clean throughout the year. That way we will know how many bluebirds we have nesting in our area.

Bluebirds are here in our town, we have all seen them. They visit the blackberry bushes in my yard and must live somewhere close by. We may even put a nesting box near our koi pond and see what happens. We also have other birds that may use the boxes such as tree swallows and wrens. Our neighbors have a box up and a pair of bluebirds nests in it.

Walgreens Pharmacy Update

Today, the First Selectman will break ground on the new Walgreens Pharmacy project with a shovel painted gold. Reportedly the contractor presented the citizens' group's reworked plan to the Planning & Zoning Commission and that is what will be built. I will post photographs of the finished building.

Cumberland Farms Gas Station Update

An impressive list of expert witnesses have been gathered by the citizen's group's lawyer. So much so that the depositions have been postponed by Cumberland Farms. The hearing date to challenge the appellants is in January.

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