Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Fantasy - The Happy Ending

Once upon a time, two princes met from far away lands. Both were devilishly handsome (of course) and the instant their eyes met, they fell for one another. It was kismet. They romped naked in the blond prince's realm and explored it and eachother.

But their time together was brief, and the brunette prince had to depart the blond prince's land for his own. After tearful goodbyes, he was gone.

After and what seemed an endless period of time, another meeting was planned in the brunette prince's realm. Many exciting events were planned by the one prince for the other. After the arduous journey, the blond prince arrived to a bouquet of red roses presented by his prince. It was true love! They swam naked together in the ocean, rode horses bareback and bathed in natural hot springs.

One more visit of the brunette prince to the blond prince's realm sealed the deal. Looking into each others eyes they both knew it had to be forever. The brunette prince swept the blond prince off his feet and took him to his realm where they lived happily for ever after.

Photo credit: Brenton


savante said...

The two princes are HAWT!

Sue said...

You betcha Paul!

brenton said...

now WHO would that be inspired by I wonder? But we never got to ride horseback naked along the beach! :(
OR live happily ever after.

Sue said...

Well, this IS a fantasy, you know. I know you did't ride the horsie, but I had a photo and wanted to use it. And I know that you didn't get this ending either, but it is the ending that we all wanted for you. Didn't you want to be swept off your feet? Some day you will Brenton. :)

Doug said...

I hope one day MY Prince Charming will sweep me off my feet 'n' go horseback riding. =D

Sue said...

I want that ending for you too Doug!