Sunday, September 10, 2006

S & M Sunday

Photo from the Pretty Boys Club

"Don't look so frightened boy. I'm not done with you yet. We haven't even started to play."

"Please, please don't hurt me any more."

"That's right you'll beg and then you'll beg some more."

Gentle readers please help me continue this scenario...


"That's right boy. One more move and you get this honey squirted all over you. Now roll over and let me see what you've got for us to play with. Hmmmm. Wow! Very nice."

(Honey squirts and dribbles all over boy.)

"Now how are we going to clean up this mess?"


Ryan said...

win your done playing with him send him over 2 us!

Sue said...

But, Ryan, no one is helping me play with him, so how can I finish and send him to you guys? :(

David said...

Oooh, I don't know if I'm the best person to collaborate on this. Not really my strongest suit. Sorry.

Sue said...

Yeah, I'm a first timer and really need help here. Sigh. Thanks anyhow David.

DonsBlog said...

I could use some honey with that pretty boy. Pick a spot put it on and lick it off usually works.

Sue said...

Thanks Don! That' exactly what I had in mind!