Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Fantasy - Wrong Bathroom?

I was in a really crowded bar in Manhattan and kind of drunk. Well, let's be honest, really soused. It was a very fancy place, quite modern and upscale. I could hardly walk upright and needed to lie down. So I went in search of a place to do that. I was in the back poking around, when I found a door that looked like the right kind of thing so, I went in. As I rounded the corner this is what I saw.

I certainly didn't want to interrupt, but I was fixated and suddenly more alert and excited. My breathing deepened and I unconsciously parted my legs and leaned on the door. I was watching them, but they hadn't noticed. They were so into each other. The taller, more muscular one had the suited one in passionate rapture. What was I to do?

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