Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hot Time in the Sauna

The LOML and I belong to the local YMCA in our rural area.

Some years ago, the LOML went to the Y alone for a swim. He swam this way.

Then he swam that way.

Then, his work out complete, he got out of the pool.

Afterward his workout he decided to have a sauna. On his way there, the LOML said “hey” to some guy in the locker room, since the LOML is a friendly kind of guy, and then proceeded into the empty sauna wearing his Speedo and sat up on a bench. The guy he said “hey” to, came in naked, moved in front of him and placed his hands on the LOML’s thighs.
The LOML was shocked, stood and said, “Excuse me!? That will not happen again, will it?”

The guy responded, ‘Sorry!”, and left completely embarrassed, never to be seen or heard from again. [Of course I volunteered to defend my man’s honor by punching this “hey” guy in the nose, but what self respecting girl wouldn’t?]

The LOML did not report the incident at that time, because he didn’t think it was such a big deal and was worried that he had led the guy on by saying “hey”. I told him that blaming himself was just bullshit and that it is always okay to be friendly.

But, later he felt traumatized, even victimized and taken advantage of. He said that he understood how women feel when they are sexually harassed. He pressed me for the norms of men’s locker rooms where there are many gay men since I have all of this acquaintance with the gay world and its locker rooms (yeah right – snuck into one just the other day, subject for another post, hahaha). He found himself being hyper vigilant in the locker room and did not go into the sauna for some time.

Recently the LOML got into a conversation with one of the female swim guards about such incidents at the Y (I guess they had an old male flasher who remembered the good old days when the Y was all nude – right – that’s as good an excuse as any I guess) and the LOML told her about this one. She said that he definitely should have reported it when it happened.

LOML has been a Y member for almost all of his life and this type of thing has never happened before. Any advice for the LOML?


mr tickle said...

Cool, you've got this up!

Sue said...

Yeah, what do you think?

mr tickle said...

LMAO!!! Fairy in the pool *wink wink*

I dunno, I like the idea of getting molested~~~

But seriously, I don't have any real good advice, other than what I told you. Hope your LOYL wasn't too aggravated.

mr tickle said...

BTW: I'm so stealing the pic of the LOYL emerging wet from the pool.

savante said...

Omigod. That's me actually. I must have bumped into your husband by mistake.

Like aron, I like the idea of getting molested by a hottie too. :P Tell your LOYL to cool down... he has to be an accredited hottie to be hit on so publicly.


Sue said...

Aron, Paul, you guys are too funny!!! You 've got me LOL! Come to our Y if you want to get molested. My LOML said that other guy was hot and in his 30's. I tell him that he's still got "it".

Yeah Aron, that's me the fairy in the pool. Aron, you and our drama marks! You are welcome to the pic of the LOML emerging wet from the pool, it is the closest to the LOML's body type I could find and I got it from

Thanks guys!

brenton said...

that NEVER happens to me dammit!
LOYL (love of your life) was right to stop the guy but I think he handled it well. Calmly and non-violently.
LOYL must be a damn hottie, lucky girl!

Sue said...

Thanks Brenton. I do consider myself very lucky.

Anonymous said...

I too would love to be molested in the sauna but I hate it when guys take advantage of others who aren't interested. Nice to hear the LOYL dealt with the situation with grace and maturity. Kind of ruins it for the gay guys who have healthier bounderies.

mr tickle said...

Sounds like both the LOYL and the ~molester~ are HOT for the girls and the guys.

I agree with anon. I actually am pretty conscious about how I behave because I don't want to misrepresent gay guys as sex-starved, deranged desperados, knowing I've been nearly down that road before I came out.

Sue said...

Thanks anonymous!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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