Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Devil Made Me Do It & Happy Feet

This week, I would like to thank Brad of Male Feet & HNT for linking me to his blog by introducing him to Joey of FLIPFLOPEROTIC. Obviously they must be soulmates and this sounds to me like a match made in 'foot' heaven. Do let us know when you guys will be flip flopping and padding down the aisle together so we may send our warmest regards and best wishes.

Thanks to Richard for the introduction.

I would also like to thank Robby for linking to me and mentioning me in a post. He correctly pointed out that I do like cock. Sigh. It's a fatal disease that I'm afraid so many of us suffer with. As former President Jimmy Carter once said, "I lust in my heart". Case in point; the young man below. See the boyishly innocent yet seductive look with the thumb in his mouth. What ever could that mean? His ever so slightly curling blonde hair. Our eyes follow his body down to his massive arm muscles, then his chest. I love how the mirror shows his broad back and the top mounds of his ass. Then we see his belly button on his flat stomach, but we cannot resist seeing the crowning glory: his cock! My evil thoughts could make satan blush, you know what I mean Robby?


Brad said...

LOL thanks Sue for the mention and for the introduction. I most certainly agree with Joey's outlook on flip flops! I shall have to send him some pictures :)

Robby in FL said...

Thanks Sue! You're a sweetie. And you have good taste in pics as well!

Ryan said...

awesome post and i know brad blog going 2 check robby blog now. hope your having a wonderful weekend!

Sue said...

Brad, I thought you would be pleased. Could hardly wait to post it and introduce the you to him.

Robby, I am glad you liked the pic and hadn't seen it before. Besides, what is not to like?

Ryan, you will love Robby's blog (I know I do!). Feel free to check out any of the links on my blog. :)

joey said...

Sue, you are the first blogmatchmaker I've heard of!!

Thanks for the mention and Brad does sound like a guy after my own feet. I hope he sends us some photos and become a regular with us. Our community of flip-flop friends is growing.

Your blog is great!!

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by Joey! I am sure Brad will send some photos to you. Bogmatchmaker, huh? Hmmmmmmm... :)

brenton said...

Hey Sue,
im doing what i can on the cock front. Always have you in mind when I'm tracking down hot boys.

Sue said...

It's appreciated Brenton! Hugs!

Pete said...

that photo certainly is the definition for the word "suggestive"..!