Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bookfield, Bunny

One house that I approached had a lovely grape arbor connected to the breeze way. My eyes gazed upward at it as I walked my bicycle up the slate path. I didn’t really look where I was going. Once under the grape leaves I heard the sound of big feet on the patio and looked down. Bounding full tilt directly at me was a black on white harlequin Great Dane. It was the biggest dog I ever saw. The markings were like a Holstein cow, the size led me to make the connection. It was coming at me relentlessly, and there was no defense possible. I just stood frozen holding the handle bars of my bike. The dog came up to me and leapt to an upright position. We stood toe to toe and the dog placed its huge paws easily over my shoulders. It licked my face stem to stern with a tongue not unlike a pink, warm, wet washcloth, wiping my eyeglasses right off. I fell backwards over my bike with the dog still on top. The dog did not budge and continued to lick my face.

Just then the owner, a woman, came to the door. She laughed at the scene before her and said, “Don’t worry, Bunny likes you!”


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