Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Fantasy - Speed Skaters

So I was skating at my usual boring rink the other day when a several speed skaters blew by me. They were skating in a line to best use their slip stream. You would not belive how fast these guys go! Afterwards, I got to talking to them and invited them back to my house. They followed me home and were really friendly and somehow I coaxed them all out of their clothes!!! Let me introduce:

Dennis Kalker from the Netherlands,

Dmitri Deboel from Belgium,

Jan Bos from the Netherlands,

Sebastian Falk from Sweden,

and last, but not least, Kip Carpenter from the United States. Wasn't it nice of them all to strip and pose for me? Don't ask how I got them to do it. Since Kip was the only one who spoke English fluently I found out that he is 5'10" and was the 2002 500 meter Bronze Olympic Medalist. Good going Kip!!! Hence the tattoo.

He also owns an Italian Greyhound that he named "Swift". Isn't Swift cute?

Kip's favorite movies are Fight Club, Interview with a Vampire, Minority Report, and The Matrix. I think I have a bit of a crush on Kip now. But, you have to trust me. With all these fit, hot naked young men at my house, nothing out of sorts happened. I did not lay a finger on any of them. You do trust me, don't you?


Anonymous said...

ohmigod! such awesome cuteness and muscularity! i don't trust you for a second around that gorgeous italian greyhound! swift, you'll be in my dreams!


Sue said...

Well, I cannot tell a lie, I did touch the greyhound a lot. ;) You know me better than most, Sis.

Doug said...

Idk whether or not to trust you. Some people can be totally different when drunk 'n' I think you're just the same when it comes to sweet boys. ;)

David said...

You are very silly. ;-)

Sue said...

Ah Doug, I have not had a drink since 1999. :( But this is only a fantasy; I can always lust in my heart.

Mea culpa David!

goldeneyeuk said...

My god, very sexy guys, i dont think i could have stopped my self having a touch.

Sue said...

At least you're honest, Goldeneye! Thanks for stopping by...