Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fair View Welcomes Two New Aussie Links!

The first new link is SHANEY who authors Gay Flavors. Let me introduce him. This is Shaney:

He's a cutie, don't you think? Such pretty eyes.

And this is his beloved tabby, Sheekah, who is his life companion:

In my book, any body who adores a cat as much as Shaney does has got to be an alright guy.

Everybody say, "Hi!"

Join them on their journey to find the meaning of life and a love for Shaney.


The second link is DAVE's blog Speedo Guy. Dave has not to my knowledge ever posted a photo of himself, but he has posted one who looks like a guy he rooms with when he is in Canada skiing:

I must admit that I licked my screen when I first saw this image.

Dave stays very active physically and travels lots. He is also a clever guy and has designed his perfect speedo. They are white and sheer (of course) and can be ordered all over his site. Adults only please.


Ryan said...

ill b checking them out! hot guys i am always in the mood 4! hehe

Sue said...

Thanks Ryan!