Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday Fantasy - New Personal Trainer

This week's Friday Fantasy has been delayed due to a power failure over here at Fair View.

Meet my new personal trainer, Blake. He will help me tone up and fix those problem areas. (Hey, wait this is my fantasy, I don't have to have problem areas do I?)

See him looking at himself in the mirror. All body builders are so vain. Geez! He says that he is checking to see if his muscles are symetrical. He looks fine to me. How does he look to you?

Anyhow we have planned a workout together and will get started soon. But he is wiling to take on another client if the workout goals are interesting enough. What would your goals with Blake be? By the way, he works only in the nude. (Are we seeing a trend here yet?)


And the winner is: TONY

I spoke with Blake at my workout last night and he indicated that Tony is the winner. I said that Tony did not mention any workout goals, but Blake just winked at me. I am really confused. What can Blake have meant by that?


Larry said...

That is one round behind he has! I will never in a million years look like that, no matter what I do with my Bowflex :)

Tony said...

I don't care if he has all those muscles or not. Or even if he likes looking at them. All I'd concern myslef with is the back forty. He can focus on the funny faces he makes while getting humped.

Sue said...

Glad to see that you guys admire the important parts. ;)

Tony said...

Ultimatley, them's the only parts a man needs.