Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bookfield, Betrayal - Part 4

Finally it came time to go to Evan’s house. Even though I had been distracted by the events of the day, the day went by slowly and I thought more and more about my date as it came towards evening. I knocked off selling around seven-thirty. There was still light left in the day as I rode to Evan’s street. It was not a very developed area. There were lots of leafy green trees on either side of the dirt lane he lived on the end of. It was a shaded and bumpy dirt and I had to pay attention to avoid big holes as I rode it on my bike. At the end of the lane was a cul-de-sac with two houses and two more drives continuing on from it. I could hear the river flowing, and peered down one of the drives to see it. The Oconee was red with silt, but looked as though it would be a very pleasant lazy river to canoe on. Evan’s house was the one on the left, right off of the cul-de-sac. It was a small ‘A’ frame house surrounded by woods and painted brick red with white trim that had two stories. There was a detached one car garage, and I supposed his bike was in there because I couldn’t see it in the driveway. I wondered if he had roommates to help pay for the house. I hoped not though, because there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be alone with Evan. There was a routered wooden sign with his last name on it in front of the house. It said, The James’, as if a family lived there. Leastways, he must have been living here a while to have put up that sign. Tall oaks grew up all around, giving the property a rustic, yet still suburban look.

Evan came out the front door with his dog to welcome me. He still looked great in his tee shirt, shorts and bare feet. “Hi, Sue! Glad you could make it.” He gave me a little hug and proceeded to properly introduce to the dog. “This is Brandy. She is an Irish Water Spaniel. Sit Brandy. Shake.” I shook the dog’s paw and she whined a hello and tried to lick me. I had never seen anything like her. She was the color, body size and style of an Irish Setter, but had soft curly hair like a poodle. There was no hair on her pink belly. I gave her a pat on the top of her pillowy head and she licked my hand.

“I love your dog! I’ve never seen this breed before, but she really is a beautiful animal.”

“Yeah, the sad thing is that she has some hip dysplasia, so she has a little bit of a hard time getting around some days.”

We went into the house together. The interior of the house did not look like a student was living there. He had every kitchen utensil a house wife could dream of and the place seemed completely furnished with new looking stuff. None of it looked cheap, either. I kind of wondered about this, but then I noticed a wedding picture on a shelf in the hallway.

“Who’s this?” I asked.

Evan walked over to the picture and brought it to me. “That’s me with my first wife. We divorced two years ago. I was too young when I married and made a mistake. I married her because she was very nice and really pretty, and I thought it didn’t matter that she wasn’t very smart. But it did matter. Fortunately, we didn’t have any children.”

I looked at them in the picture. He was wearing black tuxedo and was removing the garter from her thigh. She looked like an American beauty queen in her lacy wedding gown. Her long golden, brown hair was swept back from her high forehead by the band of her wedding veil. Her white teeth shined from a perfectly lipstick shaped mouth. Her eyes were green, like mine. She seemed to have a short, yet Barbie doll like figure. They were the perfect couple. I handed him back the picture and he placed it back on the shelf. Now it made sense to me that the house was completely outfitted. The sign out front made sense now too.

Evan went to the refrigerator and pulled out a Styrofoam package with two thick T-bone steaks. We took them outside, where the grill was already lit. A brand new looking set of grilling implements hung from the front of the grill. Evan put the steaks on and we went back inside. We opened a couple of cokes and sat on the couch in the living room drinking them. I felt sparks flying between us, and we hadn’t even kissed yet. It was all in the way that we looked at each other, and how great he smelled. I wanted to be close to him and I had already decided that I wanted to sleep with him. “Would you like to see the rest of the house?” he said politely. He showed me the downstairs and then said, “All that is upstairs is the bedroom.”

“I’d love to see your bedroom.” I said without feeling that I was taking a chance. He understood what I meant immediately and we raced each other up the flight of stairs. I got there first and took flying leap onto the bed, he did a horizontal spin. Evan held me close.

Before he did anything he said, “You must promise me that if at any time I do something you don’t like, or don’t want to do, that you’ll let me know right away, and I’ll stop.” I was wowed by his maturity and concern and his saying this made me feel very secure, especially after what I had been through this summer.

That being said, we began unclothing each other. He was maybe 5 feet 8 inches tall, and his body was beautiful. His skin was tanned golden brown, slender but with well developed muscles underneath. His erection was quite short, but really wide, massively so, the widest I had ever seen. He said that his nickname in high school was stumpy. I asked if he had any condoms, and he replied that he did not use them, but only spermicidal foam, before and after. He quickly produced the proper equipment from a bedside drawer. We began with kissing, and then he moved over me into a sixty-nine position and began kissing me between my legs. I told him that I was not into this position. What I did not say is that I did not know how one is supposed to concentrate on giving pleasure when one is getting so much oneself. I have always had that problem. Without hesitation, he quickly changed back so that he was facing me. His mouth had the musky scent of me and I eagerly licked it off of his lips and tongue. After some more caressing, he tried to enter me and he was more than a really tight fit. I wasn’t sure that it was even going to work. It was kind of like being slammed by a velvet brick. It was a bit painful, but I was finding out that that was not all that bad. The pain just made me hotter and I moaned with anticipation. What pleasure there was in the trying! When he finally entered me I came immediately and he just kept on, bringing me at least twice more as he pounded his muscular body into mine. Good god he was a tight fit! I had never felt anything quite like it and cried out in pleasure each and every time I came. He came twice, all told. Evan was a sensitive and responsive lover. He was always making sure that I was getting pleasure from him.

About an hour later, the sun had set completely and we were nude and sweaty. He sat up and exclaimed, “Oh my God, the steaks!”

We raced downstairs naked and outside to the grill. Oh boy, were they done. Evan laughed as he pulled the little charred remains off the grill. “Don’t worry. I have some hamburgers in the fridge. Sorry about the steaks.” He noticed me standing there nude and came over to hold me again. It was remote and dark enough out there that we could not be seen. His body was warm and smooth against me.

Some time later, we had the hamburgers.


David said...

My, my, my. I'm reluctant to learn of any betrayal. This sounds really sexy and romantic.

Sue said...

Yes, and at that point I really deserved it. :)

Picasso's Corner said...

Very Nice, He sounds like a great Lover? Are you going to see him again?

Sue said...

No, picasso. This was in 1976. He was a great lover it was a sad day that I said good bye. You will have to read to the end of the book to find out what happened.