Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fair View Adds New Links!

Links for blogs that I read regularly have been added to the side bar. They are:
  • Ben - San Antonio, Texas. Travels a lot for his job, very funny, takes about 15 minutes to read.
  • Joe.My.God - New York, New York. A true New Yorker, funny down to his toes as only a New Yorker can be.
  • Mike - Napa/San Francisco, California. A new blogger with promise, aka Brenton's boyfriend.
  • Pete - Finland. For when I am in that bad girl mood, he is there.
  • Phoenix - West Lafayette, Indiana. A new comer who writes like a poet.
  • Rye - Montreal, Canada. Just a blog I like to read by a nice guy with every day problems.

Another Pretty Face from Pete


mr tickle said...

Cool sites!

About Phoenix, methinks all is well! Without a doubt.

You gotta read Ethan's latest on Shades of Gray. Read it just after Phoenix's. The irony jumped right out at me!

Sue said...

Glad you like them Aron. I will check out shades of gray.

Anonymous said...

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