Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bookfield, Gregg

After that sales meeting, it was decided that Mary and Chris would return to our house separately from me. They would drive with Chip and I was going with Gregg. That was fine by me, as I had had enough of Chip lately.

Gregg drove me to where he was staying with his crew of five guys. Their place was in the center of a small town outside of Marietta and was the second storey of a storefront. It was really late Sunday evening and there were no lamps in the place, just overhead lights and the lights from the neon signs outside. With the overheads turned off, the place had an eerie glow from the neon lights outside. The five guys bedded down on cots in the front room facing the street, Gregg had his own room with a real bed. I was a bit concerned what the guys would think of me getting into bed with Gregg, so he offered to sleep on the floor. I figured that at some point he would join me in the bed, and I wasn’t wrong.

He got onto the bed and I welcomed him with a kiss. He caressed me with experienced hands that seemed always aware of just where they were and what they needed to do there. We began shedding our clothing and all the time I was getting more and more excited. He knew that I was not using birth control and he did not have any condoms. So, we had to be careful. Of course those issues never even came up with Chip.

He kissed my mouth and worked his way down my neck to my breasts. His hands went lower. Oh god, I was so horny. This was what I needed and wanted so badly; some gentle loving. He knew what he was doing; it was subtle and just right. He was erect but didn’t seem to care for his own pleasure, just mine. Just the way he touched and kissed my neck, ears, breasts, and between my legs, was like he could feel what he was doing as if he were doing it to himself. I tried so hard not to cry out or moan, so that his roommates would not hear, but I don’t think I succeeded. When I could I tried to stroke his erect cock to give him pleasure. What I really wanted was to take his cock head in my mouth and suck on its silky smoothness to reward him, but he gave me absolutely no chance at that. Finally he got me so worked up that I begged for him to put it in me. I said, “Gregg, fuck me! Fuck me! Put it in me!” I wanted him hard. I wanted to be pounded. He sat up quickly in Indian fashion, grabbed my waist and lowered me onto himself, so that he penetrated me three times hard and fast, and that was it. He drew out of me and came.

When our breathing quieted enough we slept. I’m not sure if the guys in the other room heard anything or not.


The following week, at our sales meeting, Chip cornered me and said, “So I hear you and Gregg did it. Tell me, what has he got that I haven’t?”

While I could think of many things to say that Chip would not want to hear, what I said was, “That bastard told you!” All along I had thought that he would find out; I was sort of counting on it. Though, I was sad that he did because now I would never sleep with Gregg again, as he had to be punished for betraying me. Gregg was such a good and satisfying lover. “I guess you can’t trust anyone around here.” I decided that I playing with the Parchment boys was not a good idea.

“No I guess you can’t. And you never know who your friends are either.” Then he stormed off.


The next week, Gregg and Bill came to visit us before the Sunday meeting. At bedtime, Gregg got into my bed and was waiting for me. I got in and when he came over to kiss me, I said, “I know that you told Chip about us.” He looked chagrinned, embarrassed, trapped by his own machinations. “Unfortunately, I cannot trust you again now. Please do not touch me. I hope it was all worth it.”

He sighed and asked, “Can I at least stay here in bed with you? I don’t want anybody to know that you dumped me.”

“There is no other place to sleep, or I would ask you to leave.”

“Thanks.” he whispered. We both slept without cuddling. That was the last time he came over to see me. What a shame. But, somehow I felt victorious over both of them. I had won the game. Hooray! Sigh.

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