Sunday, May 21, 2006

Koi Pond News 21May06

Photo credit Aussielicious

Last week, the koi pond at our rental property, that I hand dug had to be removed because a sewage pipe beneath it had burst. This was a perfect pond set up. The house's basement had a freshwater spring underneath it and required a sump pump to keep the basement dry. The pump emptied into the pond, keeping it crystal clear almost all year round without filtration and completely unfrozen in the winter. What a shame to get rid of it. But, our tenants also had had a baby last year and she was beginning to move around quite a lot. The last thing you want is a pond and a toddler.

My tancho koi (2 feet)

So, Sean went to relocate the fish and remove the pond. There were five fish. Sean drained the pond, captured the fish, and released them into a friend's bigger pond (my unfiltered pond is full to capacity with ten large fish) where they will lead very happy lives. He then returned and removed the boulders holding the liner in place, then hauled out the liner and fish sludge with his truck (ewwwww!). He dug out more of the pond to get to the sewage pipe for the plumber to fix it. It is now repaired.

My yellow matsuba koi (2 feet)

When he returned, he did not smell very good and I made him undress outside. I threw his clothes into the wash immediately and I made him take a bath. Remember, when working in koi ponds and with sewer pipes, a good hot bath is in order!

Photo credit Found the One


em said...

well, the top picture with the lily pads almost makes me want to get a koi pond!!!

sue, are those really pictures of your koi? when did you take them?



Sue said...

The top photo is courtesy of my pal Brenton. I've long been saying that you should have a fish pond!

Yes, those are my koi. I took them in April, I think.

brenton said...

Hi Sue,
I LOVE the bath pic... absolutely delicious! Does he need his back scrubbed?

Sue said...

Yup, me too. I think he does. It is a really hot site I found through Roids n Rants. I was going to say something like, "and remember to clean every nook and cranny", but then I thought I'd let my readers come up with stuff.

Ryan said...

mmmmmmmmm a pond and a bath awesome!

Jack with a Twist said...

Thanks for the credit Sue! You rock!

Sue said...

Thought you'd like the bubble bath Ryan.

No problem Jack. Thanks again for the hot photo!