Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bookfield, Lake Lanier - Part 1

The company wanted to provide us with a place to swim on Sunday so they planned a sales meeting at a place up near Lake Lanier. Before the meeting, Chip’s brother Davie picked me up on his motorcycle and took me to see Stone Mountain. Davie looked like this.

It was my first time on a motorcycle. So, I donned my helmet, hopped aboard, grabbed Davie around the waist and off we went down the highway. We had enough time to head for Stone Mountain to see hang gliders soar. We didn’t approach the side of Stone Mountain with the carving on it; we went up the other heavily wooded side to watch them take off. It was a pretty bumpy ride up that rutted dirt road, but that’s what made it fun. Four wheel drive vehicles had made it up with the hang gliders before us. I had never seen hang gliding before. It was strange to see these guys take a good run with all of their equipment flapping and jangling and jump off the top of a mountain only to soar quietly away. Somehow it was captivating. Davie looked at his watch and said it was time to go to the meeting.

We hopped back on the bike, and sped away for the meeting nearby. It seemed to me that we must be going pretty fast, as I could hardly hold my helmeted head out from behind the windbreak of Davie’s head. Davie got my attention and motioned that I should look at the speedometer. We were going 80 miles per hour! It was a real rush on the bike going that fast and I hung on for dear life.

We got to the hotel, and the lobby was full of Parchmenters waiting. There was only one big, square shaped easy chair left. Davie and I squeezed into it together and laughed when we realized both our asses fit in that chair together. We were sitting like that still giggling when Chip arrived. “Hey Davie, what are you doing? Are you moving in on my girl?”

“Your girl, I’m not your girl.” I told Chip. But he pulled me out of the chair by my arm and Davie slunk away, not wishing to even jokingly challenge Chip. Chip let go of me and we went into the meeting. It was a typical meeting. More testimonials, more motivational slogans; you get the picture. After the meeting we all went to Lake Lanier.


Ryan said...

oh davie i want 2 ride him! oh did i say that!

Sue said...

Yeah, he was a real cutie pie! But I would have had to get past his big brother first. I'm not so sure that you would have had to though! heheheh You should have been there; we would have had lots of laughs! (Not sure how well we would have sold books!)